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Art must be like the mirror that reveals our face

Jorge Luis Borges

Narcisa Puf

Ride in the enchanted forest. 2021.


White Wall

The artist

Narcisa Puf

My name is Narcisa Puf and I have been a visual arts student at the University of Ottawa, Canada, since 2019. However, I discovered the world of drawing and painting as early as 2012 by participating in various art workshops given by several artists, as well as in class at the Ottawa School of Art.

My story

After many years of working in the health field as a nurse, I moved to a rural region of Ontario with the desire to express myself and develop through the arts. For me, art is a method of introspection and self-knowledge, a world full of diversity that helps me broaden my perspectives and sets milestones in my life. I am in love with colours, animals and nature, and day after day, I am inspired by these charming landscapes. I embark on a hike on the path of the world of arts, and I oscillate between questions and answers, imagination and darkness, frustrations and discoveries. The splendour of creation can only warm my heart and elevate my mind.



My inspiration

My love for literature, the need to write and my passion for the study of the arts begot this fascinating project of opening an art gallery. Here, I could exhibit paintings and drawings, books and other literary texts, which will highlight my evolution as an artist and woman, which will reveal my life experiences, my ideas, my feelings and my emotions. These will be especially my creations and sometimes those of my acquaintances and my favourite authors.

I have been searched the way which leads me to the most secret and creative corners of my soul. I continue to study and practise this hobby with great pleasure and wish to share this immense joy with others.


Narcisa Puf

Sacral sacrum (2019) and Contemplation (2020)

50x65 cm

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