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Éramos una vez / Once we were together
Narcisa Puf

It’s a book for children with tender hearts. Through an authentic artistic journey, we follow the story of two cats and their Lady, how they connected themselves to each other and finally, how they mourned the loss of one. Children can learn to identify their emotions by sharing these life experiences. This true story touches the hearts with a diaphanous poetic style. The colourful and tender illustrations made on canvas in acrylics, based on real pictures reveal fascinating moments they shared. This book is for sale on Amazon and other online bookshops, but also directly here at the Narrart Gallery.


Ceci est mon faible
René Ducharme

It’s a collection of poems by René Ducharme, doctor and psychiatrist, inspired by meetings with colleagues from Montfort Hospital during the years of struggle for the survival of this Francophone institution for French Canada. Published by own account in 2010, it’s available only at Galerie Narrart.

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